ALL PARTICIPANTS NOW SELECTED - in the creation of a final body of artwork for a public exhibition in 2018. This project is part of my Practice-Based Ph.D. Research at De Montfort University Leicester, which explores individual storytelling and immersive transformational practice.

Film, Photography, Audio, Sculptural, Interactive Work.  Formed from the artists intimate encounters with six males, each of whom are known to the artist at various levels, and each having experienced her previous immersive piece, ‘Point. forty’ * Work In Progress.

Film, audio, performance and holography. Filmed on Queen Elizabeth II, official 89th Birthday in June 2016 and influenced by the recent findings of King Richard VII in Leicester.

*Work In Progress

Solo Performance for Film (Private). White Post Lane. 5.30am – 6.30am and Solo Performance for Film (Live Audience) LADA 14th December 2016.

16 Films, Interactive Technologies, Audio, Sculpture, Installation. 'Four Women, aged 40, powerful and vivid, passionate and connective. What do their stories reveal? The piece portrayed the memories, reflections and dreams, of four female participants at the pivotal  midlife transition of the forties.

Solo Intermedial Performance, Film, original script, Audience Engagement, a dark humorous and image rich piece drawing on father/mother/daughter relations in She-Bears world of make believe.

A durational installation, 3 slide projectors, sculptural objects, audience interaction, original script,photography and performance. Based on observations, conversations and enactments on a 30 min train journey.

Includes: Group Show: 'Disclosure', Installation: 'Do you know where you are going, do you know where you came from?', Performance and Happening 'Face-to Face', 8mm Film 'My Two Frames of Reference', 8mm Film 'Touched Found Kissed', Performance 'Knit-Unravel-Knit', 16mm Film, 'The Player's Faces', Hi-8 Installation, Original Script, Audio and Performance 'Displaced Rituals'. Forgotten Essays and a Few Quotes.